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Following the standard IT principles, we offer holistic IT infrastructure maintenance services, covering all the broad areas that include server, desktop, backup and security.

IT Security Solution

The era of digitalization calls for heavy cyber dependence. It’s a time when safeguarding confidential data from different types of serious security threats is one of the prime responsibilities of all organizations.

We, at Bharat IT Services Limited, provide foolproof and undaunted cyber security solutions that help organizations secure their IT infrastructure. Our best-in-class IT security solutions safeguard your IT setups from all the vicious intentions of threat actors.  

As one of the leading IT security solutions providers in India, we are backed by a pool of cybersecurity professionals who go beyond the call of duty to ensure the safety of organizations seeking to protect their businesses from cyberattacks. We provide security assessments as well as security audits for a large number of enterprises belonging to different industries and business domains nationwide.


Through our comprehensive cyber security audits, we carry out a controlled external real-life evaluation as well as a penetration test of your sensitive network entry points, IP addresses, and firewalls that might let hackers access your crucial data. Our security audits make use of a proprietary process to make sure that your entire IT infrastructure is always secured. 

Cyber Security Solutions
  • Enterprise Level Network & Host
  • Endpoint Monitoring & Security
  • Secure Information Storage & Browsing
  • Mobile Device Management Security
  • Website / Web Servers Security.
Cyber Security Audits
  • Network & Host Audit
  • Website & Mobile App Audit
  • Software Security Audit
  • Secure Application Audit
  • Information System Audit.

IT Infrastructure Maintenance Services

Ensuring the right kind of infrastructure manned by skilled resources is quite imperative for embracing new-age technologies.

Bharat IT Services Limited (BITSL) offers relevant expertise to ensure that your organization’s core IT infrastructure not only adapts to the dynamic requirements of the contemporary markets but also delivers full business value while getting proactive for the digital age. We deliver global quality IT Infrastructure Maintenance Services with an enterprise governance model customized to your exacting customer needs. 


Our service offerings span across the infrastructure that includes end-user computing, data center, enterprise networking, enterprise security, and maintenance. BITSL’s ISO 9001:2015, ISO 20000-1:2011 & ISO 27001:2013 certified operations and service frameworks are capable of offering dependable, flexible, and responsive solutions that provide enterprises across domains with unparalleled value. Backed by a dedicated pool of certified infrastructure architects, business consultants, and solutions specialists, we deliver capabilities to ideate, innovate, and create. 

The solutions we provide not only help drive more efficient operations but also flourish and prosper in today’s digital age with ultra-smart, seamless, and reliable IT infrastructure. Our proven experience within the domain enables us to understand the exacting requirements of an enterprise and design well-tailored solutions accordingly. We always aim at supporting enterprises in optimizing IT infrastructure at minimal costs with improved business productivity.

Our comprehensive set of IT Infrastructure Maintenance Services for the entire ICT infrastructure of an enterprise includes the following: 

  • Help Desk services
  • AMC services for End Points covering Desktops, Laptops, complete range of Printers
  • AMC services for Servers, Storage, and Networking Devices
  • Back-to-back AMC Services from IBM, HPE, DELL, and Lenovo.

IT Facility Management Services

Managing the facilities of networks, systems and applications is an all-important factor for organizations not only to increase productivity but also better the existing IT infrastructure.

The facility management services offered by Bharat IT Services Limited (BITSL) comprise an integrated suite of networking and computing services with single-point accountability. We have designed our IT facility management services to ensure smooth delivery so that our customers can focus on the core areas of their business. 

Our services help customers not only reduce their operational costs but also help them focus on the betterment of the infrastructure to achieve better operational efficiency. You can place your trust in us even for the most complex or advanced facility management tasks. We are always committed to ensuring the smooth delivery of our services. Outsourcing the facility management reduces the stress and pressure of managing your facilities in-house. By handing over the responsibility of managing and maintaining your network, you will have less to worry about. We make sure all your facilities management requirements are taken care of and provide you with an optimized infrastructure.


Through our facility management services, we ensure more cost-effective working processes by carrying out all the needful. Proper management of IT assets drastically reduces the amount of money spent on huge repair jobs, and many times the failure to do so can result in regular and expensive malfunctions. We offer a comprehensive range of customized Facility Management Services for the supervision, management, and control of complex IT environments and helping organizations maintain their operational continuity. We are backed by a highly trained Technical Manpower for:

  • Server 
  • Storage 
  • Server Administration  
  • Network Management
  • Desktop, Laptop, and Printers
  • Helpdesk Engineers
  • Vendor Management.

IT Network Maintenance Service

The network across organizations is an integral part of a complex infrastructure undergoing constant loads.

It cannot be considered just a typical cable system, but a comprehensive connectivity framework that is also backed by a software system that carries out tasks such as data transmission, routing, and a large number of other network-related tasks. 

We, at Bharat IT Services Limited, have a pool of dedicated, experienced, and qualified engineers that’s capable of building a workflow competently, establishing communication seamlessly, and ensuring reliable, cost-effective, and hassle-free IT network maintenance equipment. We provide our services as per a pre-agreed schedule as well as circumstances that call for immediate professional intervention. 


We undertake a timely upgrade of technical equipment to increase their productivity and reduce the overall running costs. We ensure rapid troubleshooting through a speedy audit of the network structure and identification of the problem. We also repair and increase networks for enhanced productivity while following the terms of cooperation agreed with you.

We, at Bharat IT Services Limited (BITSL), make sure that your network services always stand up to your business needs. Our IT professionals streamline inter-company networking and increase productivity by optimizing connectivity and permissions.

Our Comprehensive Network Services Solutions include the following: 
  • Routing and switching. Utilizing the latest technology to optimize VLANs to appropriately segregate your network traffic.
  • Security appliances and firewalls. Our experienced Network Engineers help customers select the security appliances and firewalls best suited for their needs, budget, and company size.
  • WAN optimization. There are various techniques for increasing data transfer efficiently across wide area networks (WAN). BITSL can determine the best technology for your network services.
  • Internet Protocol Security (IPSec)
  • Secure Socket Layer Virtual Private Network (SSL VPN)
  • Wireless services. Create secure internal and guest networks. Control multiple facilities’ wireless networks centrally.

IT Platform Migration

Platform migration plays an essential role in ensuring that business stays relevant by adopting the latest IT technology.

It may involve moving from an older application technology to the latest IT Platform and tools. Platform migrations are complex initiatives with critical business impacts. 


Deploying comprehensive planning as well as execution strategy for a smooth and hassle-free migration process, we make you migrate and consolidate with confidence.   

Three Pillars to Migration Success:
1.Discovery and Audit

We carry out substantial groundwork before migration or consolidation. We map all systems, workloads, infrastructure dependencies, and criticalities. Our experts work side by side with your team intending to streamline everything before migrating, not only to reduce costs but also time and risks.

2.Proven Methodology and Guiding Principles

We always stay on track with proven methodology and guiding principles which we have honed over years of practically proven migration experience within the industry. Based on data, locations, performance, and SLAs, we align the best migration tools and techniques. Apart from it, we always remain particular about the impact of the data center on disaster recovery, compliance, business continuity, and security. 

3.Time-Tested Approach

Be it a case of executing the task on-site or remotely, our processes are exacting. Our time-tested approaches include application mapping planning, validating configuration and connectivity, defining migration contingency plans and determining outage windows, personnel availability, acceleration drivers versus risk tolerance, and budget. 

The Set of Services Offered Includes:
  • Software Migration Services.
  • Website Migration Services.
  • Database Migration Services.
  • Server Migration Services.
  • Storage Migration Services.

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