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PR2 PLUS - a single device that all the hardware needs to complete different operations related to a single transaction.

Passbook Printer Olivetti PR 2 Plus

PR2 Plus is one of the smallest and quitest model in its product class with superior printing speeds and ultra fast alignments.

  • The printer is capable of producing 291 pages an hour on the ECMA Test, more than any other model in its product class.
  • It can handle a full range of bank teller forms, recognize passbook magnetic stripes, reads CMC7 and E13B codes.
  • Equipped with a full character-generator set, PR2 plus is an efficient tool to meet local compliance requirements around the world. Attention to printing quality is combined with superior productivity.
  • PR2 plus makes use of a new-generation ink ribbon to deliver a printing capacity of up to 10 million characters.
  • The 24-pin printhead (0.25 mm diameter) is designed to service the entire machine life (at least 5 years) and manage a daily workload of more than 300 transactions at competitive speeds.
  • Stylish and ergonomic, with an optimized design, PR2 plus keep dimensions to a minimum, ranking as one of the smallest specialized printers for this market segment.
  • Ultra-fast alignment for improved performance.
  • Extremely easy to use.

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